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World's Largest Texas Flag

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World's Largest Texas Flag

The World's Largest Texas Flag is a Texas flag used by the Alpha Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Omega (ΑΦΩ or APO) at the University of Texas at Austin in displays at football pre-game shows, at pep rallies, or for other purposes.



The Alpha Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is currently in possession of three large Texas flags, each of which is used during different events. There have been a total of five large Texas flags throughout ΑΦΩ's history. The original flag was given to Texas Governor Price Daniel by Mississippi Governor Ross R. Barnett during the halftime show of the 1962 Cotton Bowl. The flag was meant as a gesture of southern hospitality from the citizens of Mississippi to the citizens of Texas. Governor Daniel later gave the flag to the Longhorn Band. The band later returned the flag to the university where it eventually made its way to the men's athletic department. The next football season, APO was asked to run the flag and the first APO flag run was at the Thanksgiving Day game in 1962 against Texas A&M. The original World's Largest Texas Flag measured 51 feet by 90 feet. The second World's Largest Texas Flag was made and came into APO's possession around 1966; records regarding this flag have not survived.


The World's Largest Texas Flag is run by members of Alpha Phi Omega at many different UT sporting events and celebrations. During the pre-game festivities at every home football game, and at the annual Red River Shootout game at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, the Texas flag is seen on the field. Additionally, the Texas flag appears at several home basketball games in the spring. The Texas flag can also be seen being marched down "The Drag" during the annual OU Torchlight Parade and hung from the president's balcony for special events such as The UT Birthday Celebration each September, the Texas A&M Hex Rally, and every spring on March 2 to celebrate Texas Independence Day.


Current Flags

Three Texas Flags are in use:


Field Flag


The largest flag is used for pre-game "flag runs" at all home football games, at the annual Red River Shootout game, and at bowl games as allowed by bowl management. It measures 75 feet by 125 feet (23 by 38 metres), and is the first of the flags to have the proper 3:5 ratio. This flag was purchased in 1991.


Drop Flag

A smaller flag without handles is used for pep rallies, Texas Independence Day and other special events that take place in front of the university's Main Building. Its measurements are 66 feet by 120 feet. The flag is lowered from the President's Balcony. This flag was purchased in the mid-1970s, and was originally used as a field flag.


Parade Flag

A much smaller flag with handles to be used for the Texas-OU Torchlight Parade, other parades in Austin as requested, and for flag runs before some home basketball games. This flag was purchased in 1998.


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